Donnerstag, 25. April 2013

How to fix lags in Jetpack Joyride Samsung Galaxy Ace Gt-S5830i!

How to fix lags in Jetpack Joyride Samsung Galaxy Ace Gt-S5830i!

This game is awesome and i play it without any lags!!!!

1. Download the Jetpack Joyride APK from here

2. Now install the GAME but dont open it!!!

3. Download now this File: libs for sgai! and move the ZIP to your sd card! here

4. Turn off your Phone and install zip via CLOCKWORKMOD!

5. Reboot your Phone open Jetpack Joyride and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! it works without any   fucking LAG!!!

CWM: here

Mittwoch, 24. April 2013

MindCr v2.4 ROM SGS3 Styled for Galaxy Ace S5830i

 MindCr v2.4 ROM SGS3 Styled for Galaxy Ace S5830i


Enjoy the look and feel of the Samsung Galaxy S3 on your very Galaxy Ace S58230i by dressing up your phone with the MindCr SGS3 styled Rom. It is a feature packed ROM that ports most of the Galaxy S3 UI design. The ROM is fast, smooth  and battery-friendly as well. The ROM is based on Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread. To know what features it brings to your phone, just throw your eyes below.

Features of the ROM:

  • Rom 2.4 Deodexed MindCr Gingerbread.BGHL4 (XXLH3)
  • Bootanimation – Blue Android Particles.
  • SGS3 themed: Looks like SGS3, Sounds SGS3, Dialer SGS3, Wallpapers & Ringtones SGS3
  • 15 buttons in the scroll-bar (6 visible).
  • 6 screen lock styles.
  • Swipe notifications to remove it
  • Center Clock
  • Fix Host file for AdFree
  • Removed some useless applications.
  • Holo Launcher 1.2.8
  • Tweaks and battery performance.
  • Memory and Internet Tweaks
  • Mod Touchscreen sensibility
  • Automatic Zipaling every 5 starts.
  • Improved sound (Mega Bass Beats + Dsp Manager)
  • SD cache size 1024
  • ZRam 72 mb
  • Kernel Rafael Baugis 201211201515
  • Quickpanel and ROM settings support language: English, Spanish, Italian and Polish

How to Install:

If you are going to install this ROM over a another custom ROM, follow the guide given the beginning. In case, you are to flash it over a stock ROM, follow the following steps:
  1. Download the ROM: Link 1,  Link 2
  2. Download ClockworkMod: Link 1,  Link 2
  3. Download Flash Player: Link 1,  Link 2
  4. Copy the ROM, and Flash files in the root (main) directory of your SD Card.
  5. Turn off the phone and boot it into Recovery Mode by pressing: Volume up + home + power. (To navigate the menu use the volume keys, to select the home, and back to return).
  6. Go to “apply update from sdcard” and choose
  7. Then wipe data / reset – YES
  8. Go to “advanced>Wipe Dalvik Cache>yes
  9. Return to main menu
  10. Go to “mounts and storage> format /system> yes”
  11. mount /system (it change to unmount) – Press Back
  12. Select “install zip from sd” / “choose zip from sd card”
  13. Select ROM file and confirm
  14. When the installation is finished, go  back to main menu and reboot phone.
Enjoy the Galaxy S3 styled ROM on your Galaxy Ace S5830i!

Dienstag, 23. April 2013

Adrenaline™ Engine for Samsung Galaxy Ace Gt-S5830i

Adrenaline™ Engine

It is a great Engine for playing Games
It makes Games faster on your Phone!!

How to Install 

1. Download the Zip File here
2. Move this File to your Phone
3. Boot now in the Clockworkmod: here
4. Go to Install Zip and choose the Adrenaline_Engine File and install it
5. Reboot Phone and succesfull!!!!

If you want to uninstall it do the same but with this uninstaller file 
Uninstaller File: here
Clockworkmod: here

Pou Hack LV 70 & 100000000000000 coins!!!!

Pou Hack LV 70 & 100000000000000 coins!!!!

It is very easy and works for all versions from Pou

What you need is:

-Android Phone with Root
-Titanium Backup (Link in Describsion)
-Zip FILE (Link in Describsion)

1. Download the ZIP FILE: Link here
2. Install Titanium Backup Link here
3. Extract the 3 Files from the ZIP FILE in the Titanium Backup folder
4. Open Titanium Backup on your Phone and search there Pou
5. Now restore the Data from Pou
6. Open Pou and now you have LV 70 and 999999999999 Coins  :))))

Montag, 22. April 2013

Now i have many Time to Update alls things here

Hi im back and have many time and i have hear many links dont work!
Say to me what i must upload and i do it!!!
Now i update the links from flash firmware!


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